Beautiful beaches in Zanzibar

White coral sand, a turquoise sea and hammocks stretched between coconut trees – a beautiful beach like from a dream. Zanzibar is packed with these, and a holiday on this African island is like a postcard image. Life in Zanzibar revolves around the beach, and is tied to the tides. At low tide, you can watch men cultivating seaweed and women gathering mussels. At high tide children are busy playing and running on the beach. The sea and the beaches change several times a day. Depending on the water level and light conditions a different atmosphere fills the beach.

Beaches on the north coast of Zanzibar

The Nungwi holiday destination is located in the far north of Zanzibar. Once a small village, Nungwi it has developed into the tourist centre of the island. Its surrounding beaches are the highlight, because here you can lie in a hammock and look over from the white sand that stretches to the turquoise sea. The beaches in the north of the island, unlike the east coast, are not as tidal, so you can spend the whole day at the beach.

Beaches on the east coast of Zanzibar

The east coast of Zanzibar is even less developed, but impresses with beautiful white sand beaches. The beaches along the east coast are very tidal. At low tide the water withdraws for up to 1 kilometre, making bathing virtually impossible. During this time, you can take a long beach walk and watch the locals as they cultivate seaweed. It can take up to six hours between high and low tide, and as such the beaches truly are different as the day goes by.

Beaches on the west coast of Zanzibar

Even though the beaches on the west coast cannot compete with the dream beaches on the north and east coasts, they are still worth a visit. Particularly worth seeing are the offshore islands of Changuu (Prison Island) and Bawe. You can find some sand banks and fine sand beaches with palm trees on these small islands. The best thing about the beaches on the west coast are the sunsets, truly unforgettable! Our tip: Relax at the Prison Island Beach and enjoy the sunset with giant turtles for company.

Beaches on the south coast of Zanzibar

The south coast of Zanzibar boasts reefs, sandbanks, and mangrove forests. This area hardly touched, but even though there are but a few sand beaches suitable for bathing here, visitors love to come to this region thanks to the dolphins that have made their home in the waters of the south coast.


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